How to increase the efficiency of an Air cooler?

Also known as Evaporative Cooler, Air Cooler was first used in ancient Persia and Egypt, in the form of wind shafts on the roof.The technology that was developed long back has now been developed to form the modern-day air coolers.
Even though the mechanism has been improved and sized reduced over the last two decades, the basic principle continues to remain the same.
If you are all set to invest in an air cooler to beat the summer heat, here are a few tips to ensure its maximum efficiency.

Placement of Air Cooler

The best place to keep your air cooler is in front of the window. Remember, hotter the air, faster the evaporation and cooler the air you will get. Make sure that you do not move around the cooler frequently.

It’s easy to clean

Cleaning is the key to enjoy the maximum efficiency of this cooler. Ensure there are no leaks and air cooler is cleaned at regular intervals. A swipe over the fan blades is all you need to enjoy to make the most of this cooler.

Proper ventilation in the room

For proper cooling, airflow should be smooth. Having good ventilation in the room helps push the humidity out. You can open the window of the room. Saying that does not mean room windows should be opened too wide else the temperature of the room would increase.

Handle carefully

It is important to know and understand that moving air coolers when on, placing them on uneven platforms and interfering with the rotary blades not only compromise the product but also result in quick wearing and damage to it.

Ice and Water in it

Such coolers have a screw fixed detachable back for facilitating the addition of water. The water in the cooler should be up to the indicated or marked level and is clean. Adding ice to the water makes the pads cool allowing you to enjoy the cool air. Make sure that too much ice is not added else it would hamper its efficiency.
The temperature has been rising and coping up with the scorching heat is challenging. This is the right to buy an air cooler and enjoy the summers to its best.