DualXcool Technology

Our DualXcool Technology

We know our partners care about protecting their investments, their workers, and the environment.

So our reliable technology provides customers with peace of mind, and assurance. Assurance that their investment will pay off, and that their people will be productive and safe as our tech provides cooling to reduce worksite heat stress.

Our industry-best warranty ensures your investment keeps paying off over years of partnership with ProXcelo. And the low environmental impact of our coolers means you’re taking an important step to keep your investment and workers safe you’re also contributing to lower electrical consumption through our environmentally friendly designs.


Heavy duty easy to use industrial control panel. All models utilize a single power cord and control switches. Before connecting the plug to an outlet, ensure there is no standing water where the cord may lie or where the operator is standing.

The use of separate multiple outlet devices are not recommended. When making electrical connection, ensure compliance to local and regional codes.

Use only with protected electrical outlets. Please refer to the barcode product label on the side of the product for specific electrical requirements.

DualXcool Technology


The digital control panel is available and will be optional according to orders.



Applicable for Agricultural sites, Stables, Aviation hangers, Military, Commercial construction sites, Warehouses, Manufacturing facilities, mining locations, cafes, hotels and restaurants etc.