ProXcool 200 from Denali Series
Fig 1. ProXcool 200 from Denali Series

ProXcool 200

Our hospitality-minded cooling unit boasts over 200 square meters of cooling coverage, for a temperature drop up to 25°C.

The Denali Series ProXcool 200 is the perfect cooler for spaces like workshops, offices, restaurants, cleaning stations, hotels and residential locations where patron comfort and employee safety are paramount. It’s professional-grade cooling for daily life.

it comes with the same upgraded, best-in-class features you expect from ProXcool products, digital control panel,auto pump shutoff,time and temperature sensor.

Technical Specifications

  • Width 101 cm (39.7″)
  • Weight(with out water) 69kg
  • Oscilation Yes
  • Integrated water container 150L
  • CFM high 9,000 cfm 15,291 m3/hr
  • Amps/Watts 5A/865W
  • Depth 71 cm (28 “)
  • Model Number PXC200A
  • Motor 1hp
  • Highly durable castors
  • Cooling Capacity 203 m²
  • Effective distance Up to 40 feet (12m)
  • Height 162 cm (63.7″)
  • Power Source 220V-50 Hz
  • 1 Year Warranty.lifetime warranty on plastic housing
  • Air Velocity 39kph
  • Water Reservoir 215 liters
  • Dual X Cool Technology with Optional Mist

ProXcool 300

Bigger cooling challenges call for the Denali Series ProXcool 300.

This warehouse-ready unit is our largest cooler, with air flow exceeding 33,000 cubic meters per hour.

Agricultural sites, aviation, military and commercial construction sites, distribution centers, oil, gas, and mining locations, manufacturing facilities, and any business with a large, hot location of any kind should consider the ProXcool 300 a worthy companion to increase safety and productivity on site.

We have already thought ahead of our competitors to bring you some of the most advanced features on the market, including our proprietary DualXcool technology.

DualXcool technology combines evaporative coolings effects with an on-demand misting system for twice the cooling.

Technical Specifications

  • Width 152 cm (60″)
  • Weight(with out water) 90kg
  • Oscillation Yes
  • Integrated water container: 210L
  • CFM high 14,000 cfm 23,786 m3/hr
  • Amps/Watts: 5A/880W
  • Depth 90 cm (35.4 Inch)
  • Model Number PXC300A
  • Motor 1hp
  • Air Delivery 23,786 m3/hr
  • Cooling Capacity 287m²
  • Effective distance Up to 40 feet (12m)
  • Height 174 cm (68.5 Inch)
  • Power Source 220V-50 Hz
  • Warranty 1 Year *+Life time on body*
  • Air Velocity 43kph
  • Water Reservoir 262 liters
  • Dual X Cool Tecnology with Optional Mist
ProXcool 300 from Denali Series
Fig 2. ProXcool 300 from Denali Series

All our coolers come with advanced, top-of-the-industry features:

  • Auto pump shut-off
  • 3-speed control
  • Moving air diffusers
  • Automatic on-off water control
  • Lifetime warranty on plastic housing
  • Low water warning
  • Timer and temperature sensor
  • Handles for ease of movement
  • Extra large water reservoir
  • Industry-leading 1-year warranty on other components